Cures For Toenail Fungus - Where To Begin?

Do you look at your toenails and wish you could do something about them? Could you be suffering from toenail fungus? Nail fungus affects one or more of your toenails. They manifest as yellow or white spots under the nails and make the nails lose color, become thick, and disfigured at the edge. Toenail fungus cures do not have to be a tiring and expensive venture. This is particularly so because toe nail treatment is often difficult and they sometimes recur after treatment. You need to consult your physician so as to discuss which medicine to apply since some medication is very harmful to your body and can cause liver problems.

Toenail fungus cures can either be treated by prescribed medication or by applying at home techniques that cost little or no money. When using the recommended medicine referred by your doctor it requires patience since it can take as long as six months! There is also a need to have your liver functions tested before undertaking the treatment so as to reduce chances of liver damage.

Doctors can also advise the use of antifungal polish like Penlac which is applied on the affected area once everyday. After several days the area is wiped using cotton soaked in alcohol. Nail fungus can also be treated by application of antifungal ointments to the affected areas. The cream is applied together with oral medications to increase effectiveness. The doctor can decide to prescribe to someone oral antifungal drugs to reduce the toenail fungus if they have diabetes related complications or if the person is experiencing a lot of pain in the toe nail area. This medicine allows for the growth of the new toe nail in between six to twelve weeks. The new toenail replaces the infected toenails.

People resort to use at home cures since they are easily available and affordable. The liver damage risks associated with medication has also made a lot of people resort to natural cures for example:

Vicks VaporRub: Vicks contains components like jelly and oils that soften the nails and cause penetration of ethanol in the nail to fight the fungus.

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has been mostly used to kill or stop the fungus that causes nail infection. It is very effective when used as a whole component without adding water to it.

The Listerine feet soak: Listerine has eucalyptus, benzoic acid, ethanol and thymol. People soak their feet in the Listerine solution for around ten minutes to kill the bacteria causing toenail fungus.

The vinegar therapy: Vinegar contains acetic acid that helps to kill the fungal bacteria. The vinegar is mixed with water and the feet soak for around twenty minutes. There is a need to eliminate or avoid the conditions that lead to nail fungus. People should exercise and eat healthy to avoid diabetes related conditions that may cause toenail fungus. Also personal hygiene should be taken seriously and avoid exposure to a lot of water.