Sof Sole Airr Benefits: Common Foot Injuries That Can Be Prevented

Sof Sole Airr is the revolutionary shoe accessory that integrates encapsulated air into the insole portion of your shoes, so that adequate support is provided to the feet during any physical activity. This footwear was designed to relieve stress on the joints, and afford extra heel and forefoot cushioning to lessen accidents or injury. In addition, it also enables the surface of your foot to breathe and feel comfortable during prolonged shoe use. Sof Sole shoe inserts come in different sizes to match men and women's needs, and are compatible with any dress option, whether formal, casual or athletic.

The foot is composed of 24 bones that form two crossing arches - the transverse and longitudinal arch. They are connected together by fibrous tissue known as ligaments, and these muscles provide secondary support structure. Along with fat pads, the foot is able to withstand weight, pressure, and impact, without breaking or straining. But, there are times when the body is too tired or unprepared to receive the burden, in which case, certain conditions arise that impair the physical mobility of a person.

One of these is known as Plantar Fasciitis, which is caused by extensive running, which precipitates the tearing and inflammation of the plantar fascia - the main adhering muscle of the foot that runs along the length of the bottom. It is characterized by pain in the sole area, which can directly affect comfort and one's lifestyle. It usually is more magnified in the morning and reduced by movement. However, it does not enable the foot to regain the same function.

Another common injury is Achilles Tendonitis, which is caused by the overuse of the Achilles tendon, which is the muscle that runs along the posterior area of the leg. This injury is usually caused by repetitive and excessively stressful lower extremity exercise, which leads to the tightening of the calf muscles, pain, and inflammation.

And then of course, there are ankle sprains, which are brought about by the twisting of the muscles surrounding the ankle joints. Like the previous two conditions, they can also be chalked up to the extensive stretching and twisting of the foot. An intense basketball game or a simple exercise routine can allow these to happen, even without warning, and they can cause severe pain and permanent muscle damage if not treated immediately.

Lastly, one might also experience stress fractures during physical activity, and get their metatarsal bones cracked, due to excessive weight-bearing exercises. Again, there will be pain, but swelling may not be evident. Treatment for this injury is usually external fixation. Activity may be have to be halted for at least a month, to give the bone time to heal.

All of these ailments can happen abruptly, and since they are hardly life-threatening, there's really no need to worry. But, the given circumstances should not discourage you from trying to prevent them through the use of Sof Sole Airr insoles. Although they may not pose an injury-free guarantee during any physical activity, Sof Sole Airr shoe inserts will, at least, help you minimize the damage, if injuries do develop.