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I remember when I was on a trip in the Mediterranean with my family about 10 years ago. We were on a boat in a secluded bay. To get to the beach of this bay our family had to swim from the boat to shore. When my little sister got to the beach she was complaining about burning and itching on her leg.

She was stung by a jellyfish and the entire side of her leg was red and irritated. My parents, both in the medical field, immediately said, "Get someone to pee on it." Three of us siblings all looked at each other and sister with the sting not so much.

In the end (because we were literally in the middle of nowhere and had nothing else to use) I watched my little brother humiliate my sister as she lied on the beach that day. He let loose his "miracle drug" all over her leg...and other places not even near the affected area. He definitely made good use of that once in a lifetime opportunity. Ah family memories!

Naturally my disdained little sister checked the validity online because it did nothing to ease her discomfort till we got to the boat where she took an antihistamine. When she came back with the results the humor ensued. My parents knew full well that it was a myth and chose to keep it to themselves as I'm sure I will with my children if the opportunity strikes....muahahaha.

If you think it's ridiculous....IT IS. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. As it is with pee and Athlete's Foot. I don't understand why we are so hung up on thinking that pee is the be all end all cure to everything. Maybe it was some genius comedian that started it a very very long time ago!

It makes for hilarious stories so I'm not entirely sure if we should go on a mission to tell everyone the truth but for those few reading, it's not true. At least it's not scientifically true which is what I kind of like to operate on.

When you have itchy burning feet and think it's Athlete's Foot, go buy yourself a treatment that works and is backed by some science.

Here are the Top Ten Athlete's Foot Cure Myths:

  1. Peeing on it cures it- No

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar- Maybe....just because it kills fungus, it does not mean that it is healthy or safe. You are essentially burning the fungus away with acidity. If you can stomach the potential skin burn then go for it. Many people say it hurts or burns....not to mention the smell.

  3. Bleach- Maybe...same as above. There are many other toxic chemicals that kill fungus and mold that shouldn't have anything to do with the human body.

  4. Mouthwash- The theory is great because it is antibacterial but it is not antifungal. At least there are no claims as such and a mouthwash company would have no reason to make a product that you put in your mouth antifungal.

  5. Garlic- Yes it has been shown to have antifungal properties. If you can brave the smell go for it. Maybe soak them in beef broth too.

  6. People will put their feet in just about anything to stop an itch- Yes, when your feet are driving you insane with itch people will do about anything to get rid of it. These "things" might include stinking like garlic and withstanding the pain of soaking feet in acid.

  7. If you wear flip-flops or sandals at the pool or gym you won't get it- No, there are no guarantees about this. It will lessen the odds of contracting it but think about it this way...are flip flops going to keep your feet dry at a pool? No. The reality is that some people are just more prone to getting it than others and your best bet is to find a product that works best for you.

  8. Baking soda or powder in shoes- No, the theory here is that it will keep your feet dry and prevent getting Athlete's Foot and also create a dry environment that makes it difficult for Athlete's Foot to grow in. For most people any kind of powder in your shoes just turns into grossness when you do sweat. Even then, drying an area where Athlete's Foot is already present just delays the inevitable time when it does grow. You need to kill the fungal spores not just take away the environment they grow in.

  9. Hope- No amount of hoping will make it go away. Praying maybe. If left untreated it may spread to your nails and that is an even more difficult problem to deal with. You will be wishing you had sorted out your Athlete's Foot before it transferred to your nails.

  10. Buy an over the counter product- Maybe. The problem in this is that most companies don't advertise their research or make it available to potential customers nor explain how it works. Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions in advertising dollars marketing products that can work but also may not work very effectively. Many common creams have a 40-70% cure rate. That means 30-60% of people who buy these products are not being helped.