When Your Aching Feet Strike, Know How to Counter

Whether it's from a long day of walking or from playing, we all have experienced foot pains at one point in time. That is why it is important to know the many factors that may have caused this pain. Here are some of the commonly known factors of sore foot:


Your feet cannot carry anymore than the weight you should have. That is why if you are obese, the distance which you can walk without experiencing foot pain is short.

Flat footed or high-curved foot

If you have either of the two conditions, you might as well use shoe inserts or arch support to lessen the tension of your foot. Also, shoes depending on your situation, you might consider using flexible running shoes if you have high-arched foot and use stability and control type of running shoes if you are flat footed.

Poorly Fitted Shoes

In choosing the right shoes, see to it that it fits well to your feet. Try the shoes that you are about to buy and feel if you are comfortable enough. Shoes that do not fit quite well with your foot will cause problems in the long run. See to it that you the shoes you buy have the right insole thickness and the right level of support.

Overusing the Feet

Too much running, walking or standing may result to sore feet. No matter how healthy your feet are they will still reach their limitations. This is quite troublesome for those who use to stand or walk all day during their work. Standing too long in a concrete or hard surface can also lead to sore feet.

Resting is a quick swing back if your foot reaches its limit. But what about instances where resting is not possible? Here are some tips and remedies that you apply to help your foot relax and keep the sore from getting any worse:

Stretching To Counteract

Muscles that are over stressed will tend to spasm. Simply stretch the muscles to avoid this. To make it more effective warm the muscles first before stretching or you can sit and stretch the toe joints and ankles with your hands.

Heat Soak

In most cases, sore feet results from over worked muscles. Over stressed muscles needs to be relaxed and the best way to do this is taking a foot bath. Try to soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes. But if your foot is hot, tired, swollen use cold water instead and elevate your feet after soaking it for 5-10 minutes.

Furthermore, you can improve your condition by checking the arch support of your shoes and also determine what type of shoes is right for you. If your flat footed or high-arched footed, know what type of shoes will best fit your condition. Also, use orthotic inserts when your doctor recommends because it may not get you any better.

A sore foot is a problem that people of all ages experience from a certain point in time. Learning the basic remedies above should make your problem a little less troublesome. But if in cases when you have applied such remedies and the problem still persist, you should see your doctor right away.