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The growing interest of the buying public on shoe inserts has drawn the attention of many retailers and store chains and started to offer such products on the market. However, there are only a few of this merchants who have staffs, employees, salespersons and managers who knows how shoe inserts works and how they affect the function of the foot. The worst part of it is that many marketers claim how their brand is far more effective than any other brands available.

One of the misleading claims about inserts is the effectively of treating hammertoe deformity. That is why in this article we are going to discuss what this condition is and how can shoe insert cure it.

What Is Hammertoe Deformity?

It is one of the common foot problems where there is imbalance of the muscles controlling the movements of the toes. It is said by researchers that there are a number of reasons why you can get this condition, but the most common cause is the structure of your feet since the day you were born. If you are flat footed or high-arched footed then you are more prone to this condition.

There are some cases that a child will rapidly develop hammertoe but it usually takes decades to reach the full extent of the deformity. It is barely noticeable from early stages and dramatic changes occur during adulthood or old age. Remember, once hammertoe has reached its full potential there is no such medication, therapy or even shoe insert that can cure this deformity.

Now when it comes to retailers claiming that shoe inserts can alter hammertoe is totally untrue. No matter what stage your hammertoe is, no shoe inserts can cure it. In fact when used poorly, shoe inserts can even add to the damage and can make the problem even worse. The only way to cure hammertoe deformity is through surgical procedure. But a device called functional orthotic can reduce the pressure on the skin. This device is made especially to mold ones foot that is positioned in a neutral manner.

But Can Functional Orthotics Cure Hammertoe?

As mentioned above, no such device can cure this deformity but functional orthotic can prevent the condition from worsening simply by properly accommodating the foot. What it does is that it corrects imbalance tissues from those that are flat footed. This benefit can never be attained or offered by shoe inserts that retailers are selling. Although it may be costly, those that are experiencing pain with their hammertoe deformities will surely find it worth the money.

By now you should have a clear picture whether or not retailers know more than what your doctors have to say. Although a functional orthotic that is designed specifically for your foot will only provide you comfort, it is still a step ahead when compared to commercial products offered by merchants.